SZA returned the previous summer with Ty Dolla Sign joint effort ‘Hit different which fans adored. Toward the finish of the video was a little review of an alternate SZA melody which we ultimately discovered was called ‘Good Days‘ the point at which she delivered it on Christmas  Day.

Around evening time, she puts out the video for it and it’s a remarkable watch. It’s required to show up on her next collection, which is right now untitled and doesn’t have a delivery date. When talking about it in January, she said it’s “going to be the sh*t that caused me to feel something.. That is the thing that will go on the collection. I’m making all various kinds of sh*t consistently from better places in my soul.”

Watch the video underneath. Coordinated by Solana herself, it additionally includes a piece of her impending tune ‘Shirt’ which has been a wrath on TikTok since she saw it via web-based several months prior. SZA uncovered as of late that she’s finished the melody just as shot a video for it.

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